Thursday, February 18, 2010

New shoe secod try

Can't find the Sacunay's around here so I will have ot wait until either a trip to Colorado or I order a pair and hope it is the right size. Try number one got me the Nike Mojo 7's, I need stability support and ended up with a nice feeling neutral so I tried ot run in them, got 2 miles and had hot spots and starting to get blisters I returned them for these the Asics GT2150.
Now a quick update I am just finishing BRM which is middle of week 4 and the hours suck and the runs are worse. typically there are 4 groups seperated by run time but by the time we end there is like 6 groups and the B group hasn't even made it out of the 8 min mile pace yet.
I am starting to enjoy this as I believe my PLT is going to receive the high BRM ( highest qualifying score ) and Marksmanship ( most qualified on a decided day ) about 30-40 of my 60 person PLT has qualified with 2 Experts ok now I am off to the gym

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 in 1 month

Ok it is a new record 2 post in 1 month.

Today was long and boring except when smoking joe that is always fun. But i had to listen to some Major talk about how to properly run and how you need to use the middle of your foot and never to push off because you are defeating the purpose and when you are running it should look like you are falling forward, none of witch I have ever heard of or tried. I just figured run using the balls of your feet and maybe roll from inside to outside if need be but mainly use the balls of the feet and to run faster reduce the time your feet touch the ground. Am I wrong or is there something i am missing here....

Bueller, Bueller

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Shoes

The first shoe is the Saucony Pro Grid Hurricane 11, I checked on this brand because Brownie recommended them to me. I have read that they are narrow.

The next pair is the Nike Structure Triax 13 the NEW in this series but I read that Nike has messed up on these new ones.

The last pair is the Nike Structure Triax 12. These are the ones I got from the Colorado Running Company and I enjoy them but haven't been able to find my size here yet. Any suggestions on what to get?

Friday, January 15, 2010

First of the New Year

So here I am sitting here in Lawton OK. Finally got into my unit so far everyone seems rude but that could be because I am the new guy oh well. I am on my Permissive TDY right now and will be when my unit picks up on Tues. NOTE: This will be the first class as a female integrated BCT at my new Unit. So I can get you all updated on my going on's starting with week 2 of the 10 week basic training. I am going to strive to update this thing at least every few days this year. This way Brownie can delete his normal message of "You finally updated this thing" By the way Good luck on getting into Hardrock again this year. The only down fall I have seen here so far is they believe they are better than the other 2 BCT units here and demand that all NCO's go to monthly, quarterly boards, Drill Sergeant of the year competition and the Audie Murphy club board. I hate boards I just want to train these people and relax for my 2 years

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trails with the SecessionH3

So I make it to the start point. Where the pack does not show up until like 5 til start time. While waiting on the rest of the pack ( 12 ) I am offered a beer that is soon followed by the statement, "we only drink good beer here, you'll never see use drink anything like PBR." Initially I am taken back but drive on. As I meet the members I am questioned on my name and then hear that the Kimchi is a wild bunch to hash with. A hasher named Nantucket something or other, remembers running with the few who traveled to Albuqurcee enroute to Tex-Mex which this hasher also attended. We finally start trail, first part is layed via tossing flour out the window of a truck. There were 2 beers stops a turkey eagle split which only took you to the high ground thru a cemetary. At the end the circle was very short even with a naming. Fun group over all, went down town for a on after where we hit a bar that was serving Natty Light bottles for a dollar, as they bought Heineken I got me some Natty, as most bars here do not have PBR and I have lost the taste for Yuengling. Next Sat. is their Halloween Pub Crawl so we will see how that goes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I am offically off of leave man this day sucks. Back to work on tues. only 5 1/2 months until my next school. Hopefully I wont have to do crap at work, of course it is going to take this long to organize all of my shit at the house. I finally got my computer working again and virus free now i need to get some more memory for it but only 1 Gb more because it can only handle 2 GB or so gateway says. Running sucks but not as bad as treadmills, either i don't fit or just can't run on the damn thing.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally an Update

Well I finally held up my share of the bet i lost like 2 years ago to Brownie. Now either Brownie or Not So Silent Bob actually have those pictures.

I want to thank all of those that came and joined me on my birthday or called ( Donnie The Retard ) now we are getting close to my first Kimchi Hash back not to mention that I am going to be haring this trail. Net I am buying a hoodie at this trail so get to me before I start drinking as you remember from last week it may not take long.

I hope we have a big turn out for this thing.

Other than that not much going on except for being pressured into taking another riders saftey course so I can ride my motorcycle. It has even went so far as to be threatend to not be able to ride but for fuck sake if you can't stop people from wearing earings on post while they are off duty how do you expect to stop people from riding their bikes. There is my vent for the week.